How it Began

I am an avid reader and like most readers I have always dreamed of writing a book.  My husband Rene’ has heard about my various book ideas for years.  I have in fact started 3 books which never reached completion.  It has become a bit of a joke.

One evening we were sitting in the hot tub discussing our children and the younger generation in general.  The focus was the know it all attitude.  As we got out of the tub and the conversation was ending, Rene’ turned to me and said, “One day they will all grow up too.”  I laughed and answered, “Well it is amazing the things I’ve learned since I knew it all.”  His reply?  “That’s a good title for your book.”

Well since that day I haven’t come any closer to writing a book. But I still write. It is somehow cathartic for me which is something I needed in my younger days. And so, they say write what you know.  This is what I have learned…  since I thought I knew everything…

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