A lifetime is a journey of solitude. Short or long it doesn’t matter.

It is punctuated with bit players wandering in and out of the frame of the movie.

What is real or not real is decided by us and us alone. A director of sorts.

Weaving through life we cast aside what isn’t needed. Hold tight to what is.

What rules decide the difference between the two. Who decides?

Certainly we are in charge of our own destiny. Aren’t we?

No. I am sorry. We decide who will control our thoughts. Not our thoughts.

How is this? I don’t understand. I am not controlled.

Silly goose. Every day you care what someone thinks about you. That is control.

Impossible. I believe the existential position. Essence precedes existence. I chose.

Wanting it does not really make it so. Living so makes it thus.

No matter. In the end do we not search for meaning? Purpose?

If that is what you think. Ask someone. Receive help with your angst.

I see what you are doing. Round and round we go. Debating. Neither correct.

One day you won’t care. Then there is peace. Then unfortunately you won’t care.

Oh my. From existentialism to enlightenment. Is it peace you seek? Or peace you find?

Does it really matter?

I think it does.

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