When In Doubt, Turn Left

Well here’s a news flash. When in doubt, turn left.

Rene’ and I were on the front porch having a beer after some yard work and 2 young girls came wandering out from the alley just down from our house. They were around 13 years of age and the girl in the front stopped, looked both ways and asked her friend “Which way do we go?”  The second girl caught up, stopped and replied, “Well, when in doubt, turn left.”  As they moseyed off, we just laughed.  If only life were that simple. Maybe it used to be and then we grew up.  Or maybe we lost sight of where we need to be and just complicated our lives with deadlines and rules. Whichever the case may be, I think the next time I’m unsure of my next move in life I’m just going to turn left.  Amazing what you can learn from a couple of young girls passing through your life.


One thought on “When In Doubt, Turn Left

  1. LOL!!! Wonderful Attitude. I can’t wait for our Road Trip!! This will be our new Mantra. When in Doubt Turn Left…Oh, the places we will GO!


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