Didn’t Learn Nuthin’…

One day many years ago we were sitting down to dinner with the kids.  As we ate, Rene’ asked the kids about their days.  When he got to 6 year old Sammy. he asked the lad “What did you learn today Sam?”  Well Sammy was a quiet little guy and he pondered the question as he sat chewing.  He is my deep thinker that one.  You could almost see the ideas rushing around his mind.  All of a sudden his eyes lit up and he beamed a big smile.  He had a good answer for his Dad.  Putting down his fork he sat up a little straighter and said, “I learned that 6 plus 8 is 20.”  With pride he picked up his fork and continued to eat, all the while beaming from ear to ear.  Well, the girls didn’t take much notice but Rene’ looked at me for help.  I just shrugged.  He asked the question.  He can crush the poor little guy.  So with a sigh, Rene’ turned to Sammy and said, “Actually Sam, 6 plus 8 isn’t 20.  It’s 14.”  Sammy’s smile dropped from his little face as he looked down at his plate.  We waited.  Sam took another bite of his supper and chewed thoughtfully for a moment.  Then he looked his Dad square in the eye and replied “Well Dad, I guess I didn’t learn nuthin’!”  And with that final pronouncement he finished his supper.  You know something…  lots of days we just don’t learn nuthin’.

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