Run Away

Once again speaking to my granddaughter G, I asked her about the classes she was taking.  One was a dance class and I asked her what they did in this ckass.  What an answer.  “Well, sometime we cry, and sometimes we miss our Mommies.  Sometimes we have to go to the bathrioom and sometimes we run away.”  Ran away?  Well that sounded interesting.  When I asked who ran away, she answered “Just some of the boys.”  I don’t know about you but that does not sound like a fun class.  I imagined a young teacher just frazzled and quitting soon after she started.  Probably well on her way to becoming an alcoholic.

Through the years I have been in so many situations where I felt just the same as these kids.  The book club where I just stood up and left because I just couldn’t stand the thought of reading another romance.  Crying tears of joy, sadness, relief and frustration through the years when my kids were growing up.  Hiding out in the bathroom while my brother finished the dishes.  Holding my newborn son as he slowly died in my arms and all I wanted was my Mom.

Maybe it never happened to me in a dance class but as I learned from my favourite four year old, the next time life seems a little to hard, just run away.  Lock yourself in the bathroom, call your Mom and have a good cry.  I have learned that together or separate, these 4 things can make any situation better.

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