What? Me A Feminist?

I’ve learned that feminism doesn’t work.  I have known for many years that I am not a feminist.  I see it as a failed experiment, just like French immersion schools and bubble gum ice cream cones.  In my twenties, I told my “feminist squared” friend that I was an anti-feminist.  She told me that I shouldn’t vote because the feminists won me the right to vote. Well… I call bullshit! Did they win the right for aboriginal women? No! In fact, aboriginal Canadians were not given the right to vote until 1960.  Men and women. The whole suffragette movement was back in the days of class distinction and elitism. It wasn’t all women.  It was some women.  Huge difference.

Frankly special interest groups are just getting out of hand. Voting is a human right. Life is a human right.  What I learned that day many years ago is that special interest groups divide us.  Segregate us.  If you’re going to fight for rights, fight for human rights. For all humans. Join the fight. Join the movement. Join the group.  Oh yeah, you already did.  The day you were born…

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